Gravity Rush

I picked up Gravity Rush on the cheap thanks to a PS card, and I’ve gotten through most of the tutorial stages. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. A friend told me the concept sounded a lot like an iOS game, but it’s much more of an action platformer. It just has the twist of gravity-switching, which can be a bit disorienting.

The combat seems a bit light at the moment, probably because I haven’t upgraded enough to purchase more detailed moves. It seems like the game will flesh itself out as I earn more skills. The game is pretty gorgeous, especially on the nice Vita screen. It also smartly keeps the touch to a minimum, except for the baffling decision to use it for menus. I don’t mind touch options, but I wish more Vita games would let us use the controls if we choose to. I hate smudging that beautiful screen.

If you frequent this blog enough, you might have noticed I overhauled the style. I was a bit tired of the old look for several reasons. The images in the header cycle, and I’ll be adding new ones as I’m inspired to. You might also notice that I have categories across the top! Truth be told I’ve always had categories, but I haven’t made them a menu selection because I haven’t really made use of them. I intend to now, starting with this one which is filed under “First Impressions.” Not every game will be filed under something, but the more regular blog types I write will be grouped together from now on. Someday if I have a lot of time on my hands I might go back and categorize the old ones too, but I have written a bunch of these things.

  • To be honest, I’ve only been passively following the Tomb Raider reboot. The various peaks of how it illustrates gender in gaming are more interesting to me than anything I’ve seen from the game itself.
  • I’m admittedly ignorant of how this customized domain name thing would work. I mean, would we visit “”? What if we just want the Xbox page itself?

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