Night Notes: The Friday of Fridaying

Another Friday, another quick and dirty edition of random thoughts on a few of today’s stories.

  • I had thought that the language used in the Neversoft Call of Duty blurb implied that it’s just pitching in on Black Ops 2, but a look at the job postings raised a lot more questions. With the addition of concept artists, mission planners, and positions in both single- and multiplayer, they must be working on DLC for the game, or maybe next year’s installment. I’d be curious to see what Neversoft comes up with, now that Treyarch has seemingly proven the series can be successful with more out-there ideas.
  • I’ve been saying for a while that a 3DS revision doesn’t make financial sense for Nintendo right now, just as it’s finally approaching making money off the device after dropping the price. Good to see Miyamoto agrees, even in a roundabout way that doesn’t ever mention the price issue.
  • I actually thought some of this year’s violence was thematically interesting, because so much of it was avoidable. That creates narrative hooks, and not the type found in cutscenes. Games are at their best when we make our own stories, and come to those decisions without a big flashing “GOOD” or “EVIL” sign. All that said, hearing industry experts share some thoughts on the subject was good to read, if nothing else than because it means people are really putting thought and discussion into this.

One thought on “Night Notes: The Friday of Fridaying

  1. I love Miyamoto and all, but… was anyone really concerned with whether he was satisfied? It’s the customers you have to worry about…

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