Night Notes on a Monday?

Yes, I usually reserve this column type for Fridays, the idea being that I want to get started on my weekend (or I already have!) and I’m tired. But tonight I finished up a review for tomorrow, so my mind is still mostly on a subject that I’m not allowed to talk about yet anyway. Look forward to my Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review sometime soon.

  • Do we really need every game show to have a “zany celebrities” spin to it now? Do people no longer like watching regular people do things? I mean, I watch Survivor and Amazing Race. I know this audience exists.
  • I sometimes idly click on my Google+ icon in my bookmark bar, mostly by accident. When I do, it’s pretty much a ghost town. So, you know, I’m not terribly surprised that game developers aren’t seeing much success.
  • Zelnick’s comments about franchise burn-out are spot-on, even a little bizarre in that many executives don’t seem to say it. But I’m personally more interested in his general ambivalence toward the Wii U, which seems to be a disturbing trend among third-parties. I’m not going to call the system dead before its time, and I know it’s a mistake to count Nintendo out, but it needs to rework its marketing rough spots before the system launches.

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