Pokemon Conquest

I picked up my pre-order of the latest Pokemon and got in only a few minutes with it. I have to say, they wisely keep text to a minimum at the start. It jumps into the tutorial, but it isn’t exhaustingly slow like some Pokemon games tend to be. They’ve introduced most of the basic concepts after only a few minutes, I think.

It probably helps that those basic concepts are pretty obvious. The game is almost identical to other strategy-RPGs like FFT and Tactics Ogre. It’s so similar, in fact, that I keep catching myself trying to pick a direction to face at the end of a turn. That’s one mechanic they took out here, probably for the sake of simplicity.

It’s pretty easy so far, but I don’t mind. I tend to play Pokemon games for fairly brainless entertainment while I watch TV or something. If anything, Pokemon games that get super-difficult and require lots of grinding annoy me, because that’s not really what I want from the series.

  • I’d like to think that Blizzard could make some kind of StarCraft experience work on the Wii U, but the company is probably right that it would need to be custom-fitted for that purpose.
  • I understand that the Battlefield 3 console exclusivity and the Premium stuff weren’t planned in concert with each other, but it makes sorting dates for stories kind of a pain.
  • Considering how stingy Microsoft is with its rewards already, I’m pretty skeptical that rewards for Achievements will be all that significant.

One thought on “Pokemon Conquest

  1. I lost my DS 2 years ago. This game has me considering a new one.

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