Lollipop Chainsaw

With Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor out of the way (and not a moment too soon), I’ve finally gotten the chance to crack a bit into a game rental, Lollipop Chainsaw. The marketing turned pretty abysmal, but conceptually I was curious. And besides, games that I want to try out risk-free is basically what I use GameFly for.

Suda51 has the tendency to make cool concepts with pretty terrible execution as a general rule, so I approached it with some trepidation. Surprisingly, it’s actually not bad. The mechanics aren’t quite as smooth as an A-tier title, but it has enough style and mechanical differentiation to keep the play smooth.

Now, the more interesting angle is the representation of the character. She’s hyper-sexualized and fits into a very clean arch-type, but I think this was all intentional for the sake of satire. I’ve only made it to the first boss, which I think was the best illustration of the brains behind this game. They chose a different arch high school type, whose main weapon is shouting mean words at her. Juliet carries herself like a “ditz,” but she’s actually the character with the most intelligence and agency in the game. As far as the game presents her so far, she’s a bright girl who happens to like fitting that type. And already, we’ve seen other characters making assumptions about what that means, without really knowing her. Its marketing may not have expressed this, but so far I’m getting a very subversive feminist read on the whole thing.

  • In case you missed my tweet on the subject, you can listen to my talk with University of Oklahoma students, with Jeff Green lending his expertise as well. It’s a pretty lengthy chat and we run the gamut.
  • Depending on the extras, I might actually get a Journey compilation. Yes, despite the fact that I already own both Flower and Journey. You may remember that I really, really loved Journey.
  • I have this theory that most of the people excited to replay Final Fantasy 7 don’t actually remember it that well. I’ve tried it not too long ago, and it’s pretty clunky. It’s just very strikingly clear that this was an early experiment with 3D. Interesting in context of its time, but it doesn’t hold up to replay the way a game like FF6 or Chrono Trigger does, when Square had plenty of time to master the medium.
  • Well. Dammit.

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