Joining the Dawnguard

As it turns out, I am playing Dawnguard after all. On top of a few freelance pieces due this week, and at least one interview to conduct, I’m going to be writing up some bits about the Skyrim DLC. It’s making a busy week busier, but then again, it is playing a bit of content I wanted to play anyway. I can’t really complain.

I’ve actually played a bit more Simpsons: Tapped Out over the weekend. I might try checking into that more now. I think I was turned off for a bit since some Origin login issues lost my save file, but I can just task everyone with longer-form missions and then put it away for several hours. Rather handy, that.

  • Lulz.
  • I used to follow Team Fortress 2 updates like a religion, back when I was playing it on Xbox 360 to an unhealthy degree. Nowadays I’ve kicked the habit, and man, everything looks super-foreign to me. Particularly Poopy Joe.
  • Shut up and take my money!

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