Spider-Men (slows to a) crawl

Spider-Men was probably my most anticipated book this week, and maybe that puts some unfair expectations on it. It wasn’t a terrible installment by any means, but the mechanisms of slowing down to explain this stuff really made for some wonky pacing. Peter Parker really shouldn’t be this confused about alternate dimensions, and Miles (or Nick Fury, who had a cameo) should be more comfortable with just laying it out simple-like. It seemed like everyone was just avoiding talking about the subject to keep the confusion going, which got a bit tiring. It was more of a stage-setting book, I suppose, but hopefully the plot picks up a bit next issue.

My only other book this week was Justice League, which was equally lackluster. We learned a little more about the new villain Graves, and it resolved the issue of Trevor betraying the team, but other than that I was mostly just confused. The league had the life sucked out of them by using their grief? Or something? I honestly don’t know. The dialogue didn’t quite crackle like it has in past issues either.

Neither of these were outright bad, mind you. Just kind of serviceable placeholders as we wait for the real plot to begin.

  • I published the first of several planned Dawnguard Diaries today, chronicling my trip through the Skyrim DLC. From here it will split into both choices.
  • Right on the heels of yesterday’s concerns about BioWare nixing single-player DLC plans in favor of the Extended Cut, it turns out maybe those new stories were merely delayed instead of canceled outright. Carry on, then.

One thought on “Spider-Men (slows to a) crawl

  1. Bryan Carr says:

    Haven’t read JL yet but you’re wrong about SPIDER-MEN #2; even to me, someone who spends a lot of time telling you how wrong you are, this seems more egregious than usual. I’ll grant you that Pete should not be having a hard time grasping this concept but something something Mephisto erased memories something something the important thing is that we got some nice bonding/scrapping time between the Spider-mens and some pretty darn funny scenes. This one felt a lot more like the first issue should have felt.

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