Night Notes: Much to do, little to say

The problem when reviewing a game, or writing diaries like I am for Dawnguard, is that everything you play is already something that you know you’ll write about. So I don’t blog about it here, as a first impressions or otherwise, because it would be pointless to repeat my thoughts. Hence, another night notes entry.

I will say, though, that everyone should read the piece “The R Word” on the Escapist. I mentioned it the other day on Twitter but it bears repeating. It’s a difficult read, and might be a rape trigger if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, but it says a lot that needs to be said about some endemic and stubborn problems in our culture. Just do yourself a favor and don’t click on the Comments section. You will come away from it hating people, and for a community as generally polite and erudite as you find on the Escapist, that’s really saying something.

  • 1UP Feature: Music Games That Aren’t.
  • As far as new game items go, the Pyro Goggles probably have to be the most ambitious Team Fortress 2 has gotten in a while. [Pic from the comments]
  • Hard Corps Uprising was about as great a Contra reboot as I can imagine, but if the Castlevania guy wants to give it a go, I say let him.
  • If you haven’t played Clash of Heroes yet, it’s pretty fantastic. I couldn’t justify getting the XBLA/PSN version since I already owned the DS one, but I might just bite on iPhone for the right price.

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