Change of Plans

I had a pretty simple weekend set out, as far as my game time goes. I would play a bit of Skyrim for my ongoing Dawnguard Diaries series, and maybe chip away a little at Lollipop Chainsaw and Spec-Ops: The Line (from GameFly) as I have time. But as my twitter alluded to, I got an invite to a beta of Dust 514. I’m curious enough about it to sink some time into it. Plus, Penny Arcade 3 came out on the Indie channel, so I’d like to start toying with it.

I also have a few demos on my 3DS that I should try out, and there are Pokeymans to catch and gravities to rush. Also, did you realize “gravities” is a real word? I suppose you might need such a thing to describe… more than one gravity.

My game time just got a lot more crowded.

  • Speaking of my Skyrim series, my second Dawnguard Diary went up today. In which I explore the implications of multiple realities via two save files. I’m going for a light-hearted feel with these, and trying to pack in little nuggets of information about the game in that framework.
  • I seriously thought the Move wheel was a joke until E3, or at least a patent so silly they’d never follow through. How wrong I was.
  • Ten bucks for Shadow of the Colossus, you say? Hm.

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