Night Notes: All Spider’s Eve

I’m just making this a quick note tonight, since I’m off to see a midnight showing of Amazing Spider-Man. I like Andrew Garfield for the role and the previews have made him seem significantly more quippy, which is exactly how Spider-Man should be. Hopefully this does not disappoint.

But hey, if it does there’s always hope for a Miles Morales flick.

  • Another Dawnguard Diaries entry went up today. I noticed that the two story paths converge into being exactly the same at one point, so I found a little way to prod at that within the context of telling these stories.
  • The Mass Effect 3 piece I was referring to involved talking to the guy who complained to the FTC about the new endings. I basically wanted to find the person who was most vocal and a thought leader on the backlash, and he seemed like an obvious choice.
  • If I had to take a wild shot-in-the-dark guess, I’d say this KOTOR set will include some kind of voucher for some sort of The Old Republic thing.
  • I actually already own all of the new July PlayStation Plus games in one form or another. That said, they’re all pretty great, so if this hasn’t been made obvious enough, PS+ seems like a good value.

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