The Pretty Good Spider-Man

We went out for a (strangely uncrowded) midnight showing of The Amazing Spider-Man last night, and came away satisfied. Maybe not Avengers satisfied, but that’s probably an unfair bar. Honestly, I think if Avengers had launched at the end of the summer we’d all have much higher opinions of some other movies that are merely so-so by comparison.

As the title suggests, Spider-Man was pretty good. I would probably put it about on-par with the first Tobey McGuire film, which was revolutionary in being unapologetically “comic book-y” but probably doesn’t hold up as well as our collective memory. They’re both good, don’t get me wrong, but when I say this one is around as good I’m not insulting the older one.

Garfield felt like a more wiry, modern Spider-Man, and his personality was fun and quippy. Emma Stone was the absolute perfect Gwen Stacy. And Martin Sheen sort of stole the show as Uncle Ben. As Bryan pointed out, they threw a lot of acting at this movie, and the results were universally excellent. I also liked how they gave the “with great power comes great responsibility” theme a modern revamp. That line is classic, but it would also come off false in a movie that aims for (relative) realism. The way they posed it, it became less of a catch phrase and more of a theme that carried through a lot of character motivations.

It has some cheesy bits, and the villain’s plan is a bit silly, and the ending just feels indecisive. But I enjoyed the ride on the whole, and I’m hoping they make a second one in this new continuity that they’ve established. Maybe it will match Spider-Man 2, but I know that’s a high mark to hit.

Obviously, tomorrow I won’t be blogging, since I won’t be writing stories in the first place. I will instead be eating meats and pie and watching fireworks.

  • My contribution to 1UP’s Metal Gear Solid anniversary cover story: Metal Gear Solid Fan Theories.
  • I’m not particularly excited about any of the opening line-up they’ve revealed so far, but the faster I can get my purchased PSOne games on my Vita the better.
  • Man, Iwata really gets the dander up.
  • I’d like to take on the end-game of Minecraft when they finally reach that in the updates, but in the meantime running towards people as a Creeper will have to do.

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