So those who don’t follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts might not have seen that I’m going to be on a PAX panel, again. This one will be at PAX Prime in August, and will be a new version of our game controversies panel from PAX East. It’s titled “Beyond Borders: Global Game Controversies.” If you’ve attended the first one, rest assured we’ll be tackling new topics this time. And it won’t even be on Easter morning! That also probably means we won’t be chucking Cadbury eggs to the crowd this time. Sorry.

This will be my second time in Seattle, the first being years ago to check out PAX Prime without any particular social obligation or media reporting to do.

So if you’re heading out to Seattle for the event, check us out in the Unicorn Theater on Saturday, September 1 at 5 PM. Or just say hi, if you recognize me. I will try not to be weirded out.

  • The Kinect PlayFit app does not seem easy to find. I don’t play Kinect games all that often, but I’d like to be building towards something when I do, if the option is available.
  • I’m pretty skeptical about OUYA, but good on them for collecting their goal so fast. I might even pick one up if I hear good things. Wondering what the final name will be. (As a general rule, I don’t contribute to any gaming Kickstarters, as I feel it would remove a layer of impersonal objectivity between me and the story.)
  • This Leviathan thing looks like pretty much what I wanted out of Mass Effect 3 DLC. More story content. I’d actually even like if they went a little further with the “legend” thing, and just made stories about Shepard that have nothing to do with Reapers.

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