Rainbow Moon first impressions

I’ve put an hour or so into Rainbow Moon. It’s not at all what I expected, but it packs a few surprises that are keeping me invested. It has the trappings of a traditional S-RPG, but it really doesn’t carry much in common with most of them. For one thing, I only have one character so far. Rather than strategizing among many characters, I’ve just been grinding him to be strong enough to handle himself.

Battles are both visible and random. You see monsters roaming around the world and usually have to engage them, but then sometimes you’ll get a prompt for a random battle too. Those are optional, which is a cool way to handle the grinding aspect. The battles themselves are pretty fast, more the pace of a usual RPG battle rather than the long affair of S-RPGs.

The upgrades also blend in a little element of microtransactions, since you can actually purchase Pearls and Coins or earn them through gameplay. The visual style actually has a lot in common with Facebook games, so between that and the microtransactions I wonder if it started on that platform.

It’s an interesting, grind-heavy hybrid. And I haven’t even hit the crafting stuff yet, which I’ve heard is pretty deep.

  • Yes.
  • I’d like to get excited for The Last Story, but I haven’t even finished Xenoblade. Games keep getting longer, and I keep getting less time to play them.

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