Persona 3 Portable first (and second) impressions

Usually when I write a “first impressions” post, it’s after I’ve played an hour or so of the game. The idea is to get a quick read on a game and share a few initial thoughts, and then follow it up with more thoughts later if I really loved or hated it. That style would not have been fair to Persona 3 Portable. Honestly, my first impression at that point would have been something along the lines of “wait, what?”

This is a situation where expectations clashed with reality. I picked it up because I was in the mood for a J-RPG, not realizing I was really getting two games: a J-RPG, and a dating sim. That latter genre is extremely front-loaded, and so after spending an hour clicking through dialogue options with nary a hint of RPG mechanics, I was a little confused.

Andrew Yoon, who recommended the game to me, assured me that I was not crazy and that this is the game. With that knowledge in tow, I gave it another shot. Now that the game has opened up and given me some more freedom to battle at will, and now that I realize that talking to people and forming relationships is a major part of the game that feeds back into the RPG elements, I’m enjoying it a lot more. I have a feeling this is going to be a slow burn for me, though. Other than grinding while I watch TV, I only want so much virtual flirting per day.

  • I keep hearing people talk about Adventure Time. Maybe I’ll give the WayForward game a try — because as I’ve said many times before, I love WayForward games — and go from there on the show.
  • I can only guess that this news means BioWare now considers the Extended Cut to be the canonical ending.

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