AvX takes a turn for the Highlander

I’ve been pointing out that AvX is getting better, and this week moved the plot forward again nicely. This issue established that each defeated member of the Phoenix Five has his or her power split among the remaining members. (Phoenix Four still works with the alliteration, I suppose.) I have to imagine this is leading to some kind of Highlander situation with inevitable in-fighting. I’m not sure if I love that idea or hate it. I suppose it depends on how well it’s handled, but off the top of my head it seems like it could be incredibly hokey. But the plot progressed in other areas as well, with the Avengers generally scattered and disorganized, and even Professor X getting into the act by threatening Cyclops.

Wonder Woman introduced two new Greek goddesses, and I always love their takes on those myths. The current plot really seems like it could be a missing page from Greek mythology, they’ve really captured that tone well. Justice League felt like a placeholder. The Wonder Woman fight scene seemed tacked on because it didn’t have any other fight scenes, and the more I read of Graves the more he feels like an “edgy” version of Scarecrow.


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