Lego Batman 2 first impressions

I was pouring time into a review this weekend, but I got a little time into Lego Batman 2 as well. I burned out a little on Lego games before, but the humor in this one is really keeping me going. I think adding voices was a risky choice, but it paid off since they can do things with humor that were impossible with simple pantomime. So far all the VO is absolutely pitch-perfect, and Robin made me laugh the most among them.

The game itself isn’t terribly different from previous Lego games, but I might be speaking too soon. I’ve unlocked a few of Batman’s suits (a very Silver Age touch), but I haven’t gotten a chance to play as any of the other DC heroes. I’m most interested in playing as Superman, for obvious reasons.

  • The review I was working on this weekend was Wreckateer, which is actually quite good. I know. I was as surprised as anyone. Frankly this made me a little more optimistic about Kinect, after a few games soured me on it completely.
  • This rumor about Assassin’s Creed DLC seems believable enough, though I am hoping it’s more episodic story content. I like the multiplayer as a diversion but it never held my interest enough to make me excited about the map packs.

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