Flash is the loneliest number

My online resources claimed that this week wouldn’t be bringing any of my usual comic pick-ups, but I visited the shop anyway just to check it for myself since it’s been wrong before. It wasn’t, but I picked up Flash anyway. Partly because I wanted something to read, and partly because it is super-awkward to walk into a nearly empty store where you buy something every week and then walk out empty-handed.

This issue was a vast improvement in terms of the storytelling actually making sense. I had initially dropped the comic mainly because the stories were going into such strange hard-to-follow areas that I just couldn’t follow. The writing dipped into the cheesy in a few spots, but the plot flowed well enough. I still had a serious problem caring about any of the characters, but between gorgeous art and a story that seems to be a little less convoluted, I might start picking it up again. As long as it falls on slow weeks.

  • The multiplayer in Fall of Cybertron doesn’t look terribly different than War for Cybertron, but it seems to have some more customization options so that might be enough to tempt me in for a few matches.
  • If I weren’t already overfull with games, I would pick up the Indie Royale July bundle. It looks like they have some very cool old-school homages in there.
  • And speaking of things I’m tempted to buy, L4D2 for five bucks is a steal. Even though it would run terribly on my MacBook, just having it in my Steam account for sometime in the future has appeal.

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