Breaking the Bat

I’m enjoying my romp through handheld RPGs, but I had planned to put some more time into Lego Batman 2 recently. Unfortunately, it’s been tempermental, and I’m not sure how to deal with this particular problem.

I was in an early mission — the multi-villain maze directly after you meet Superman — and I was getting a bit tired. So I shut it off, figuring I would have to repeat some of the mission but needing to get some sleep. The next day I turned it back on and simply couldn’t find the mission start point. I was sure the prior night I had accessed it from the computer in the Batcave, but I pinged all over the map and didn’t see any mission prompt. As far as I can tell, I’ve run into some kind of error, but it’s entirely possible that I’m forgetting some crucial step in triggering the mission since I was tired to begin with. If anyone else knows what to do, or has run into a similar problem, lil help?

Bryan suggested he should call me Bane.

My six-year anniversary is this weekend, and since we bought a house we’re going for a cheaper option. Instead of going on a trip for our anniversary as per usual, we’re just trying some different (pricier) restaurants in the area. Sort of a restaurant tour. Luckily this happens to coincide with restaurant week, so a few of them are offering discounts anyway. Tonight was the first such adventure; I might feel inclined to compare and contrast once I’m finished with all of them.

  • OnLive seems like a good deal for OUYA, but I’m not very impressed by the mock-ups of the box or controller. The handles look a bit uncomfortable, and just in general they both have a brushed metal look that seems out of fashion. I know it’s just basically a sketch, but still.
  • I hadn’t heard much about Retro/Grade, but it looks like a pretty nifty concept. I never had much skill for console rhythm games, though.
  • This Penny Arcade Adventures update sounds cool, but more than anything I want more battles. The combat puzzles in that game were just flat-out fantastic. Removing the random battles and level grinding meant that you knew every battle was possible to complete, you just had to find the right strategy.

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