Amateur Foodie Revue

As I mentioned before, I tried out a few different restaurants this weekend in and around the Baltimore area. This was our little way of doing something less expensive but still special for our anniversary, since we didn’t want to go off on a vacation as we prepare to finalize our house purchase. I’m anything but a foodie, but I figured I’d give extremely amateur impressions of our experiences.

Antrim – This is actually in a nearby town outside Baltimore, but we had heard of it and wanted to try it out. It’s more known as a bed and breakfast, but the food service was very prim and proper. The atmosphere was excellent and it was certainly a long and engaging experience, but the food didn’t blow either of us away. It was also the most expensive one, so that says something about price to value ratio.

Petit Louis – A couple of friends recommended this French restaurant, and I’m glad they did. It was a little crowded (probably due to restaurant week sales), but the service couldn’t have been nicer. I went with the restaurant week menu, which meant choosing from duck or sausage. I’ve not had duck and didn’t particularly want to, but I don’t like sausage much either. (I find the skin creepy, to be frank). I settled on the sausage, and it was good as that dish goes but still didn’t change my position on the food. I did like the dessert, and they brought around a great cheese cart. Our waitress even picked a cheese and wine pairing for us, and she was right. It was fantastic.

Fogo de Chao – This was the only chain we attended, and it was more for my sake than my vegetarian wife. It’s an all-you-can-meat buffet, so she just ate the salad bar. But the hook of the restaurant, letting you turn a green card over to request cuts of meat from the passing chefs, was pretty satisfying. They come at you with ninja speed as soon as that green card is turned over. I tried at least a bite of all 11 cuts, and my favorite was pork loin. I never liked pork loin much, but they prepared it really well and changed my mind on it. Also, they made our dessert complimentary when they found out we were celebrating our anniversary, which they really didn’t have to do.

  • I pressed on my Summer of Arcade reviews with Deadlight, and it looks like I wasn’t too far from the critical consensus. I think the story is especially problematic, but I couldn’t go into detail in the review since spoiling is bad form. Maybe I’ll make a spoiler-edition blog post that outlines my problems in more detail.
  • None of these rumored PlayStation All-Stars leaks sound particularly unrealistic. If it turns out to be legit, I think my character of choice would still be Sly Cooper initially. That’s not to say he’ll stay my choice, since I tend to go with the character that complements my style after I try them all. My Smash Bros. Melee character is Roy, for example. Not my first choice by any means.
  • I wanted to try out Walking Dead, but I was busy and I figured it’d go on sale eventually. I didn’t have to wait that long, and I’m glad I’m a PS+ subscriber.

2 thoughts on “Amateur Foodie Revue

  1. Heh, I’ve been dabbling in the food review stuff myself.

    And you were in Baltimore this weekend? Should have come to Otakon!

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