A very Spider-Wednesday

It occurred to me only after taking my weekly picks to the cashier that all of them featured Spider-Man on the cover. The clerk even gave me some ribbing about it after I realized and pointed it out. What can I say? He’s the best.

The non-Spidey book was AvX, which continues to pick up steam. We’re entering the phase now where several of the principle characters are starting to have rifts and disagreements, and no one is objectively correct. The Phoenix Force is wreaking havoc on the Four’s psyches, and they can tell it’s happening but just barely hold it back. Cyclops seems to be the only one keeping it together, and the ending implies some kind of savior role for him. But in regards to Spider-Man, it featured him on the cover because he took a heroic beating in a fiendishly clever plan to deal with two of the Phoenix Four. And best of all, his plan worked. A few broken bones later, he emerged victorious.

He’s the best.

Avenging Spider-Man was good; a little funnier than last time, but also a bit more heavy-handed. When you make direct reference to the Occupy movement and have a character literally say “corporations are people,” you might be trying too hard. But it was in service of a sweet moment with the anti-villain. Ultimate Spider-Man continues to be excellent. I’m running out of effusive praise. It’s juggling a lot of plots with a very deft hand, though I think they could probably do without referencing the “Divided We Fall” crossover story. It just seems like a side-note to all the other action going on.

  • I didn’t play the original Witcher, but I liked Witcher 2 alright. It felt a bit restrictive in some ways, though, so hearing about Cyberpunk’s customization features might just tempt me over.
  • Jay Z now has 98 problems, as “never produced a video game” was number 87.

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