Shameless Self-Promotion: PAX Prime Edition

Those who have followed me for a while probably already know that I was on a panel at PAX East, on my birthday no less. It was called “Borders Bigotry and Body Dumps: International Games Controversies.” We had a pretty good crowd for (Easter) Sunday morning, and even though I’m pretty sure most of us were relative rookies on stage, I think we pulled it off pretty well.

If you missed that panel, or really love it and plan on hitting both PAXes, you should come our New and Improved* panel at PAX Prime. It’s titled “Beyond Borders: Global Game Controversies,” and it will be taking place at 5 PM in the Unicorn theater. We plan to touch on a few subjects that we talked about last time, but also to tackle new ones that we either didn’t have time for or have cropped up since then. I’m particularly excited to talk about the Ollie North controversy, and to bounce around ideas about Spec Ops: The Line.

So if you’re in the Seattle area and want to spend an hour with some chin-stroking commentary, some of which you are almost certain to disagree with, come to our panel! And if you are going to throw tomatoes, please only use fresh ones.

* May not actually be new or improved. I mean, probably? But we’ll see.

  • Dishonored looks like it has a pretty impressive set of actors, but as some commenters observed, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be impressive voice actors. I can hear all of their voices by thinking of them, though, so that’s a good sign. You want unique qualities in that kind of work.

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