Night Notes: Can’t Talk, Busy

If my blogs are a bit sporadic or short this week, it’s simply because apparently preparing to move while reviewing a few different games takes up a lot of free time. So tonight calls for a quick hit. Rest assured, dear reader — because I’m fairly certain there is only one of you — those pieces will be hitting sooner than later.

  • I penned a few words on why the “next-gen” Final Fantasy teaser gives me hope for the future. Reserved hope, maybe, but hope nonetheless. The main thrust of my point was that it looks like Square Enix is looking in a more fantastical direction, and having been playing through FF4 that’s exactly what the series needs.
  • I don’t so much mind the idea of Achievements for games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, but the Achievements they do offer seem so weird and lame. Flipping your first card? Seriously?

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