Batman gets weird. Well… weirder.

Batman comics always have some pretty strange overtones. We are talking about a borderline lunatic who took the death of his parents as the catalyst to train himself into a weapon, after all. But this week, with its two Batman comics, were a little more off-kilter than normal.

Batman told a little self-contained story as we hold for the issue zeros, and it started off well. It was about a brother and sister, and the brother who was gay kept getting hassled. When his sister tried to stand up for him, they both started getting beaten, and Batman stepped in. That’s a nice enough little one-off. Then it turned to the girl messing with the electrical grid and figuring out way too much about Batman, and then being determined to keep meddling after he flat-out told her to stop. It seemed like it was aiming to end on a note of determination and perseverance  but it came off more like this girl was going to get herself killed because she didn’t listen.

Batman & Robin closed up the story arc of the terrorist Batman impersonators. I thought I had heard it went on-hold due to the events in Aurora, so I’m not sure if we missed an issue or what happened — but this all felt a bit rushed and slipshod. This is a story that could be handled well with a deft hand, but this wasn’t it. The book alternated between being a fun group action book and having some pretty grisly imagery. I’m not sure what to make of it, but hopefully after issue zero they start a new arc with more legs.

Spider-Men was characteristically fun, with some great little jabs at comics and ret-cons in general. It was mostly set-up and dialogue, but I actually prefer that to all action, or brainless action. It was clearly set-up for what will mostly be an action book next time, but they’ve wrapped up the emotional stakes and now we can get down to punching Mysterio square in the jaw.

  • The Papo & Yo trailer is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while for setting a tone and mood, even if it doesn’t communicate much about the game itself.
  • I’m kind of interested in the Leviathan DLC, but not for an extra line of dialogue or two at the end.
  • One of those reviews I mentioned last night is Hybrid, which I’m looking forward to cracking into. I was sorry to hear about its launch troubles, but word is they’re fixed now so I’ll start it up tonight.
  • Indie Uprising always has a few gems that I like. Epic Dungeon and Cthulu were particular favorites of mine.

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