I’ve never cared about BioShock’s multiplayer, but I’m not made of stone. Cutting features just after a delay and studio departures is a little concerning. Though, if it’s in service of more time polishing the single-player, I can’t say I mind. Does anyone actually play BioShock for multiplayer? I mean, anyone at all?

  • I wrote up a piece for 1UP’s “Daring Games and Developers” cover story, on why Keiji Inafune has some serious daring credit to his name.
  • One thing noted in the story, which I think some people are missing, is that this supposed Plants vs Zombies shooter isn’t by the same PopCap that made the original. It’s a new studio, and EA has a tendency to farm out its popular properties to specialized talent. That said, if it is legit, I’m willing to reserve judgment until I see it for myself.
  • Who knew that I would ever write a story about a Cabela’s hunting game? It’s the sort of title I sort of figured was the gift you got for your non-gamer dad at Christmas or something. Still, it’s implementing a pretty cool feature, even if it seems to remove some amount of aiming skill.
  • The situation at Zynga continues to worsen. I feel a bit sorry for Schappert.
  • I previewed Hell Yeah at PAX, and it was surprisingly fun. It’s a game that looks extremely awkward, but feels perfectly smooth once the controller is in your hands. So, mark your calendars, to at least try the demo next month.

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