Sound Shapes

This weekend was packed with reviews — the first of which should be going up tomorrow — but I actually managed to get in some more time with Sound Shapes. And, this shouldn’t come as any surprise, but it’s really very good.

I don’t consider myself much of a music nerd. I know what I like and stumble upon new artists once in a while. But the interplay of the music and platforming stages is really beautifully simple. It feels like your movements have an impact, but if you miss a note or two it doesn’t ruin the whole effect. I played through a Beck stage just to hear a style I was more familiar with, and they actually incorporated lyrics into it.

So far the community stuff I’ve tried out has been very much what you’d expect from early community stages. Mario theme, Zelda theme, and so on. Imitation always seems to be the first step for community builders. People recreate what’s familiar to learn what does and doesn’t work with the tools. I’m looking forward to dipping my toes in after a few weeks or a month, to see what the creators are getting up to.

I might even try creating a stage myself, but I’ve never considered myself very good at stage creation, so I probably wouldn’t publish it. We’ll see.

  • I interviewed Steve Downes, the voice of Master Chief, for his thoughts on Halo 4 and beyond.
  • Paper Mario has been on my list of anticipated 3DS games since the system came out. It just looks so perfectly tailored to the device. Bring it on, November.
  • A casualty of today’s 3DS announcements was Luigi’s Mansion. I’m looking forward to it, but I can wait. That’s not in my “gotta have it asap” list.
  • I already have both Outland and BloodRayne, but both are worth the download if you have a PS+ subscription. Fair warning, though, BloodRayne gets ludicrous-hard.

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