PAX Preparedness Kit

I’m a couple days away from my trek cross-country for PAX, which will be my second trip to Seattle. I realized the other day that the last time I went was exactly four years ago, and I learned about Sarah Palin being the VP nominee from a buddy while I was hopping online between panels. Hopefully after this year I can go a little more often than a presidential cycle.

So I’m working on getting everything ready, this time more detailed than last time since I’m going professionally. I’ll be meeting to see a bunch of games, and speaking at a panel on Saturday at 5 PM. If you’re coming, stop by and say hello, and make sure you cheer extra-loud when I speak about war crimes.

(Don’t actually do that last part.)

  • I’m not entirely offended by Angry Birds costing so much and having DLC, but this is another good opportunity to point out how utterly baffled I am by that series’ success. They’re not even including Angry Birds Space, the one game in the series that really grabbed me as fun and interesting.
  • I just love hearing stories of how Molyneux is totally insane.
  • Hawken looks good, and Oculus Rift looks good. You got chocolate in my peanut butter, etc.

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