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Assassin’s Creed explosion

I was away a bit last week, and today the coverage I was working on finally started to materialize. I was in Boston for an Assassin’s Creed preview event, and it (unsurprisingly) reinforced my anticipation for the game. I was most surprised at how well Liberation held up, though, since Bloodlines soured me to the whole concept. But a few reservations aside, it was pretty impressive. I would share more thoughts, but I’d run the risk of being redundant with my previews. They’re pretty extensive.

More coverage coming tomorrow, in the form of one interview, possibly two.

Whew. And in news:

  • I’m kind of curious what Borderlands 2’s other content will be. The first game just had the major packs, if I recall, so it sounds like for B2 they’re aiming for a few big packs and then some smaller content. But what do you add to this in the smaller-scope territory? It can’t be more guns.
  • A little taste of the interview coming tomorrow.
  • Buy this. It’s on my short-list for GOTY. Seriously.


I’ve been away for a bit for an event, the fruits of which will be available in the near-ish future, but while I was away my review went up for Borderlands 2. I played as a Siren, but I’m considering restarting as a Gunzerker. The Badass Points system means I’ll at least get a little boost when I start as a new character.

I felt like the Siren got a little nerfed, but maybe that’s because any character could be made into a wrecking machine in the first game if you played your cards right. The bright side of de-powering her means that I actually had a hard time choosing who to play as. My previous experience with the Siren was the only thing that really tipped me over. So maybe, if I have enough time to waste replaying the game four times, I’ll give a shot to each of the classes.

It would be nice if I could import my ridiculous ass-kicking Siren from the first game, maybe as some kind of unlockable bonus after finishing it properly. I can always hope for DLC at least. Speaking of which, I actually might try out a game as the Mechromancer too. This must be what people sound like when they talk about playing Diablo 2 over and over again.

  • This seems ambitious as hell.
  • Hey, maybe Nintendo will–nope, still looks dumb.
  • I have to think that the Collector’s Edition gets a distinct advantage for Company of Heroes 2, considering so much of the game looks to take place in snowy landscapes and you get vehicle skins called “Whitewash” and “Winter Cobblestone.”

“Writing Samples” now available

One of the nice things about going to events like PAX is meeting up with fellow freelancers and swapping ideas. This time some compadres suggested the (in hindsight, extremely obvious) notion of compiling a Writing Samples section on my blog. This should make it easier to show editors my work, and to have a running tally of some of my favorite pieces.

The new Writing Samples section isn’t anywhere near comprehensive, but I tried to pick my best and brightest. Plus I’ve included a handy link along the top menu, so you can always click there to keep up with pieces in case you miss them in a blog post or tweet. I’ll be adding new samples as I write the ones that are worth being put in the pantheon.


PAXing up the Night Notes

Between post-PAX coverage and some other various content I’m working on, it’s hitting another busy season for me.

That means I’m not doing a full comic review this week, but I will say that Bryan Bartholomew Reginald Carr was right to recommend the Hawkeye mini-series. Really snappy dialogue with some great panel design to boot. I only read the second issue, but I’ll have to track down the first sometime when it’s a slow week.

So now, onto the features, and I do mean features. Four in all, alongside my regular crop of articles. More PAX stuff coming tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. Maybe a bit into next week too, actually. I was pretty much running from meeting to meeting all weekend.

  • I visited the Monolith studio offices just before PAX for a hands-on preview and interview about Guardians of Middle-Earth.
  • I also got a chance to chat with one of the Walking Dead writers.
  • And I got hands-on with Harold, which is just so damn gorgeous the videos don’t do it justice.
  • I recently downloaded Shadow of the Colossus, so maybe I’ll have to get the Remote Play working and play it on my Vita.
  • Hey PC players, you’re allowed to stop hating Ubisoft now.
  • I’m trying to remain hopeful for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, mostly because I’ll almost certainly be the one reviewing it. But man, that presentation at the event on Friday night at PAX was underwhelming, and I wasn’t even expecting to be all that whelmed in the first place. Plus I don’t think Square hoped for that much quiet giggling.