PAXing up the Night Notes

Between post-PAX coverage and some other various content I’m working on, it’s hitting another busy season for me.

That means I’m not doing a full comic review this week, but I will say that Bryan Bartholomew Reginald Carr was right to recommend the Hawkeye mini-series. Really snappy dialogue with some great panel design to boot. I only read the second issue, but I’ll have to track down the first sometime when it’s a slow week.

So now, onto the features, and I do mean features. Four in all, alongside my regular crop of articles. More PAX stuff coming tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. Maybe a bit into next week too, actually. I was pretty much running from meeting to meeting all weekend.

  • I visited the Monolith studio offices just before PAX for a hands-on preview and interview about Guardians of Middle-Earth.
  • I also got a chance to chat with one of the Walking Dead writers.
  • And I got hands-on with Harold, which is just so damn gorgeous the videos don’t do it justice.
  • I recently downloaded Shadow of the Colossus, so maybe I’ll have to get the Remote Play working and play it on my Vita.
  • Hey PC players, you’re allowed to stop hating Ubisoft now.
  • I’m trying to remain hopeful for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, mostly because I’ll almost certainly be the one reviewing it. But man, that presentation at the event on Friday night at PAX was underwhelming, and I wasn’t even expecting to be all that whelmed in the first place. Plus I don’t think Square hoped for that much quiet giggling.

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