I’ve been away for a bit for an event, the fruits of which will be available in the near-ish future, but while I was away my review went up for Borderlands 2. I played as a Siren, but I’m considering restarting as a Gunzerker. The Badass Points system means I’ll at least get a little boost when I start as a new character.

I felt like the Siren got a little nerfed, but maybe that’s because any character could be made into a wrecking machine in the first game if you played your cards right. The bright side of de-powering her means that I actually had a hard time choosing who to play as. My previous experience with the Siren was the only thing that really tipped me over. So maybe, if I have enough time to waste replaying the game four times, I’ll give a shot to each of the classes.

It would be nice if I could import my ridiculous ass-kicking Siren from the first game, maybe as some kind of unlockable bonus after finishing it properly. I can always hope for DLC at least. Speaking of which, I actually might try out a game as the Mechromancer too. This must be what people sound like when they talk about playing Diablo 2 over and over again.

  • This seems ambitious as hell.
  • Hey, maybe Nintendo will–nope, still looks dumb.
  • I have to think that the Collector’s Edition gets a distinct advantage for Company of Heroes 2, considering so much of the game looks to take place in snowy landscapes and you get vehicle skins called “Whitewash” and “Winter Cobblestone.”

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