Assassin’s Creed explosion

I was away a bit last week, and today the coverage I was working on finally started to materialize. I was in Boston for an Assassin’s Creed preview event, and it (unsurprisingly) reinforced my anticipation for the game. I was most surprised at how well Liberation held up, though, since Bloodlines soured me to the whole concept. But a few reservations aside, it was pretty impressive. I would share more thoughts, but I’d run the risk of being redundant with my previews. They’re pretty extensive.

More coverage coming tomorrow, in the form of one interview, possibly two.

Whew. And in news:

  • I’m kind of curious what Borderlands 2’s other content will be. The first game just had the major packs, if I recall, so it sounds like for B2 they’re aiming for a few big packs and then some smaller content. But what do you add to this in the smaller-scope territory? It can’t be more guns.
  • A little taste of the interview coming tomorrow.
  • Buy this. It’s on my short-list for GOTY. Seriously.

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