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This thing has gone silent for a good long while, but I recently decided to update with a bit more regularity. I don’t think I’m going to do daily updates with the news, since that made it feel more like a chore and I always felt like I was letting down some imaginary audience when I was too busy for an entry. But, I do plan on updating with thoughts about the conversations of the day, at least inasmuch as I can.

For a perfect example, see Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m reserving public judgment on it because I’m reviewing it. We’ll be saving our Shacknews review for after GTA Online comes out, so I don’t have to rush through and we can just review it all as one complete package. As a result, I’m keeping myself from chiming in too much on the discussion about misogyny.

I will say, though, that “it’s satire” isn’t a very good defense against charges of misogyny. If you’re going to excuse the game portraying Very Bad Things as satire, you should argue about why it’s smart and effective satire. I think that answer is a little too easy to shrug off criticisms, and if it’s truly excusable as satire, we should expect to hear some cogent thoughts on how successful it is at accomplishing its satirical goals.

(I don’t have much of an opinion on it one way or the other yet, but depending on how strongly I react to the story, positively or negatively, I expect I’ll touch on this in some way in my review.)

You probably also noticed that the blog looks different. I got a bit sick of the old one, especially due to its emphasis on pictures. This job doesn’t really involve visual media, at least not of work I’ve done myself, so it felt weird simply putting up pictures of media I respect and admire. This one puts the emphasis on text and text alone.

Finally, my Twitter and LinkedIn profile both list me as “East Coast Editor” for Shacknews now. I have a title! Exciting times.


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