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PAXing up the Night Notes

Between post-PAX coverage and some other various content I’m working on, it’s hitting another busy season for me.

That means I’m not doing a full comic review this week, but I will say that Bryan Bartholomew Reginald Carr was right to recommend the Hawkeye mini-series. Really snappy dialogue with some great panel design to boot. I only read the second issue, but I’ll have to track down the first sometime when it’s a slow week.

So now, onto the features, and I do mean features. Four in all, alongside my regular crop of articles. More PAX stuff coming tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. Maybe a bit into next week too, actually. I was pretty much running from meeting to meeting all weekend.

  • I visited the Monolith studio offices just before PAX for a hands-on preview and interview about Guardians of Middle-Earth.
  • I also got a chance to chat with one of the Walking Dead writers.
  • And I got hands-on with Harold, which is just so damn gorgeous the videos don’t do it justice.
  • I recently downloaded Shadow of the Colossus, so maybe I’ll have to get the Remote Play working and play it on my Vita.
  • Hey PC players, you’re allowed to stop hating Ubisoft now.
  • I’m trying to remain hopeful for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, mostly because I’ll almost certainly be the one reviewing it. But man, that presentation at the event on Friday night at PAX was underwhelming, and I wasn’t even expecting to be all that whelmed in the first place. Plus I don’t think Square hoped for that much quiet giggling.

PAX Preparedness Kit

I’m a couple days away from my trek cross-country for PAX, which will be my second trip to Seattle. I realized the other day that the last time I went was exactly four years ago, and I learned about Sarah Palin being the VP nominee from a buddy while I was hopping online between panels. Hopefully after this year I can go a little more often than a presidential cycle.

So I’m working on getting everything ready, this time more detailed than last time since I’m going professionally. I’ll be meeting to see a bunch of games, and speaking at a panel on Saturday at 5 PM. If you’re coming, stop by and say hello, and make sure you cheer extra-loud when I speak about war crimes.

(Don’t actually do that last part.)

  • I’m not entirely offended by Angry Birds costing so much and having DLC, but this is another good opportunity to point out how utterly baffled I am by that series’ success. They’re not even including Angry Birds Space, the one game in the series that really grabbed me as fun and interesting.
  • I just love hearing stories of how Molyneux is totally insane.
  • Hawken looks good, and Oculus Rift looks good. You got chocolate in my peanut butter, etc.


I’ve never cared about BioShock’s multiplayer, but I’m not made of stone. Cutting features just after a delay and studio departures is a little concerning. Though, if it’s in service of more time polishing the single-player, I can’t say I mind. Does anyone actually play BioShock for multiplayer? I mean, anyone at all?

  • I wrote up a piece for 1UP’s “Daring Games and Developers” cover story, on why Keiji Inafune has some serious daring credit to his name.
  • One thing noted in the story, which I think some people are missing, is that this supposed Plants vs Zombies shooter isn’t by the same PopCap that made the original. It’s a new studio, and EA has a tendency to farm out its popular properties to specialized talent. That said, if it is legit, I’m willing to reserve judgment until I see it for myself.
  • Who knew that I would ever write a story about a Cabela’s hunting game? It’s the sort of title I sort of figured was the gift you got for your non-gamer dad at Christmas or something. Still, it’s implementing a pretty cool feature, even if it seems to remove some amount of aiming skill.
  • The situation at Zynga continues to worsen. I feel a bit sorry for Schappert.
  • I previewed Hell Yeah at PAX, and it was surprisingly fun. It’s a game that looks extremely awkward, but feels perfectly smooth once the controller is in your hands. So, mark your calendars, to at least try the demo next month.

Night Notes: Can’t Talk, Busy

If my blogs are a bit sporadic or short this week, it’s simply because apparently preparing to move while reviewing a few different games takes up a lot of free time. So tonight calls for a quick hit. Rest assured, dear reader — because I’m fairly certain there is only one of you — those pieces will be hitting sooner than later.

  • I penned a few words on why the “next-gen” Final Fantasy teaser gives me hope for the future. Reserved hope, maybe, but hope nonetheless. The main thrust of my point was that it looks like Square Enix is looking in a more fantastical direction, and having been playing through FF4 that’s exactly what the series needs.
  • I don’t so much mind the idea of Achievements for games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, but the Achievements they do offer seem so weird and lame. Flipping your first card? Seriously?

Olympic Night Notes

I’ve been working late into the night on a few long-term projects while the Olympics play on TV — with a notable time offset — so I figured I’d just stick with this option and call it a night.

  • I hate to be a curmudgeon, but porting a game available on Android devices to another Android devices isn’t really showing a great amount of confidence in the OUYA. It’s a nice touch if people really want to play that game, yet again, and it’s a good sign that a big publisher is getting behind the tech. But other than that: meh.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about games as a military recruiting tool, but it sounds like the next iteration of this has some interesting features that serve as a window to what war means to our current military.
  • I have to admire Persson for not letting the success of Minecraft go to his head. Seems like he’s pretty realistic about it.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: whether on the disc or not, charging 20 fins for a large roster update is just a different way to accomplish the “Super Deluxe Ultra Turbo Edition” business model. I do hope Capcom is learning from all this.

The Dark Night Notes

This will be another shortie, thanks to plans for The Dark Knight Rises.

Which I keep calling The Dark Knight Returns by mistake. Why’d you have to pick such a similar title, Hollywood?

  • I’m not sure these latest comments from EA are as strong an indication of free-to-play as some people are claiming, but it certainly recognizes some inherent weaknesses of the subscription model.
  • It makes perfect sense that the God of War teams wouldn’t want Kratos to hit women, so it’s not particularly surprising that this was a conscious choice. But still, I found that part of the interview interesting.
  • I’ve never played that much with Forge Mode, but maybe with the new Halo 4 toolset I’ll give it a try.

Fall of the House of Night Notes

So we bought a house! I have mentioned this on my Facebook, so anyone reading this probably knows that, but I made the post Friends Only. Just in case anyone missed it there, here it is again. We bought a house.

  • I penned an editorial on why I’m cautiously optimistic about the Assassin’s Creed movie, emphasis on the “cautious.”
  • I didn’t particularly care for James Vega, so it seems odd to have the anime feature film focus on him. Why not Garrett? Or Tali? Or literally anyone else?
  • I don’t want to pay $150, but if I were a more hardcore Street Fighter fan this anniversary set would be a must-have.

Night Notes: All Spider’s Eve

I’m just making this a quick note tonight, since I’m off to see a midnight showing of Amazing Spider-Man. I like Andrew Garfield for the role and the previews have made him seem significantly more quippy, which is exactly how Spider-Man should be. Hopefully this does not disappoint.

But hey, if it does there’s always hope for a Miles Morales flick.

  • Another Dawnguard Diaries entry went up today. I noticed that the two story paths converge into being exactly the same at one point, so I found a little way to prod at that within the context of telling these stories.
  • The Mass Effect 3 piece I was referring to involved talking to the guy who complained to the FTC about the new endings. I basically wanted to find the person who was most vocal and a thought leader on the backlash, and he seemed like an obvious choice.
  • If I had to take a wild shot-in-the-dark guess, I’d say this KOTOR set will include some kind of voucher for some sort of The Old Republic thing.
  • I actually already own all of the new July PlayStation Plus games in one form or another. That said, they’re all pretty great, so if this hasn’t been made obvious enough, PS+ seems like a good value.

Night Notes: Much to do, little to say

The problem when reviewing a game, or writing diaries like I am for Dawnguard, is that everything you play is already something that you know you’ll write about. So I don’t blog about it here, as a first impressions or otherwise, because it would be pointless to repeat my thoughts. Hence, another night notes entry.

I will say, though, that everyone should read the piece “The R Word” on the Escapist. I mentioned it the other day on Twitter but it bears repeating. It’s a difficult read, and might be a rape trigger if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, but it says a lot that needs to be said about some endemic and stubborn problems in our culture. Just do yourself a favor and don’t click on the Comments section. You will come away from it hating people, and for a community as generally polite and erudite as you find on the Escapist, that’s really saying something.

  • 1UP Feature: Music Games That Aren’t.
  • As far as new game items go, the Pyro Goggles probably have to be the most ambitious Team Fortress 2 has gotten in a while. [Pic from the comments]
  • Hard Corps Uprising was about as great a Contra reboot as I can imagine, but if the Castlevania guy wants to give it a go, I say let him.
  • If you haven’t played Clash of Heroes yet, it’s pretty fantastic. I couldn’t justify getting the XBLA/PSN version since I already owned the DS one, but I might just bite on iPhone for the right price.

Night Notes: Squeezing in Dawnguard

Next week suddenly became pretty busy with a few different interviews and features, but it’s also the week of Dawnguard. I’m going to have to find some time to play that, somehow. I feel like I’ve been away from Skyrim long enough that Lizard Wizard needs to take care of some vampires.

Korra finale this weekend! I can’t recommend watching it if you haven’t kept up with the series, but I should also note that if you haven’t kept up with the series what is the matter with you?

  • Finally wrapping up our E3 thoughts for reals, we covered some E3 Disappointments today.
  • I should get back to Fez sometime. But not today.
  • It’s becoming expected that Assassin’s Creed games (and generally, Ubisoft games) release on the PC later than the console versions. If you were expecting that trend to change, don’t.
  • Looks like I know what I’m doing on Tuesday night. Though I am a bit bummed at the point you have to start your save file from. I mean, good Lord, that was a solid 3-4 hours for me.
  • I’m not going to lie. I already own Flower and Journey, but I might pick up this Collector’s Edition. I’m curious to see what those extras are like, and at this point I just really want to support thatgamecompany. Plus I never actually paid money for Journey, since I reviewed it. I should do that.